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Keeping motivated on your fitness journey isn’t always easy. Group fitness classes are a great way to regain focus and keep up the momentum with a group of like-minded individuals. At Peake Fitness, we now offer over 30 classes per week ranging from high-intensity classes such as Spinn and HIIT to lower intensity classes like Aqua and Pilates.

Peake Fitness Guidelines and facilities

Peake Fitness is open. Please read our Peake Fitness Guidelines below to help you prepare for your visit and workout.

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Boxercise Classes - Peake Fitness
  • Cardio

    Body Attack

    A Les Mills class that delivers high energy functional body weight fitness exercises to fantastic motivating music. Prepare to work hard and reap the benefits of this all-round, total body workout.

    Run Club

    Take your running experience a step further with one of our trained instructors touring round the golf course and surrounding pathways. Suitable for beginners and advanced athletes.


  • Dance

    Dance Fit

    A dance fitness class combining all your favourite moves to all your favourite music – fun and enjoyment is the key focus here.


  • Stretch

    Body Balance

    Deriving ancient moves from forms of Tai-Chi, Pilates and yoga and incorporating them into a balanced workout to uplifting music.


    This class will help to achieve physical balance, flexibility and posture through breathing techniques and movement. A good chance to stretch and relax at the same time!


    A mind and body conditioning that helps build the deep postural muscles of your trunk and spine, giving you ‘core stability’ and alignment.

    Stability Ball

    A class specifically designed to improve your core stability using the latest exercises performed on the stability ball.

  • Cycle


    High intensity studio cycling using the latest upbeat chart music.


    A more advance studio cycling class for the cycling enthusiasts!

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  • Swimming

    Swim Fit

    A session to perfect your technique in the water and progress to a higher level of fitness. Perfect for those looking to advance the way to becoming an elite swimming athlete.


    A water based aerobic class, with the added resistance of the water to make it a very effective and refreshing workout.

  • Martial Arts / Cardio


    A well-rounded class combining a variety of boxing based exercises to punch your body back into shape. The focus is on technique, power, strength and agility ticking all boxes to challenge your body throughout.


  • Resistance / Cardio

    Body Pump

    A structured barbell workout to challenge every muscle group in the body! Performed to motivating and inspiring music that will shape and sculpt your body like no other class.


    This workout uses multiple muscle groups simultaneously,developing strength and muscular endurance and blasts fat! However, choose your weight carefully this one is tough!

    Battle Ropes

    A high intensity class revolved around the use of battle ropes designed to burn calories, strengthen the whole body and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Warning 30 minutes is plenty of time for this class!


    Full Body Functional Training. A class that uses a variety of the best functional training equipment such as Kettlebells, Viprs and Battle Ropes to challenge and improve your body’s functional fitness.


    High Intensity Interval Training. Prepare to work hard in a class that ticks all boxes and achieves all goals. Warning 30 minutes is more than enough for this class.

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